What we do

Any company, regardless of the area and type of its activity, finally reaches a level of development where it is necessary to enter a new phase of borrowing and fund raising, i.e. entering the securities market or attracting direct investments. In this case, an alternative to bank loans is to attract funds and introduce new technologies through attracting investments.

Of course, for those investors who want to diversify their business to gain profit in new directions, our team is ready to be a supporting tool based on premium class customer service, professionalism, innovation and teamwork.

The main objective of the company’s activities is aimed at achieving positive, organized results and Tajikistan, as well as beyond its borders. The Company’s success is and will be based on premium class customer service, professionalism, innovation and teamwork, which involves gaining profit for our customers. The key to successful development of our business is the commitment of shareholders, managers and employees of the Company to such principles as honesty, openness, focus of clients.

For potential recipients of investment and others client:

  • Attracting private capital through direct investment funds or attracting a strategic investor;
  • Conducting “Express (or totally) Due Diligence” and company assessment;
  • Preparation of marketing materials (company presentation, investment memorandum);
  • Financial underwriting;
  • Restoration of financial accounting and transition to IFRS reporting;
  • Preparation and defense of a business plan;
  • Corporate Governance Implementation;
  • Analysis and assessment of the market for the introduction of new technologies for the development of business processes;
  • Implementation of international management and quality standards;
  • Consulting (full support control including installation) on the selection of new modern innovative technologies (specialized software programs for management and accounting in business processes) for the development of client’s business processes;
  • Negotiating and representing clients in front of potential strategic and portfolio investors;
  • Assistance in selection of a potential investor suitable for the company’s strategic development plans;
  • Preparing a list of potential companies — targets of mergers or temporary investment;
  • Market analysis and assessment to reduce risks for upcoming investment projects;
  • Organization of debt and equity financing or direct investments;
  • Finance and total investment consulting;
  • Possibility for asset management;
  • Accompanying Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).